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Bolk Transport and CTT leveled up with the public warehouse of 27,000 m² directly at the CTT Hengelo terminal.

An additional advantage of this is the closed chain: security and access form one whole. The warehouse has an AEO license. The warehouse's unique location at Combi Terminal Twente also provides access to additional services such as gas measurement, ventilation and intermediate storage of loaded containers. Hengelo offers a fast and reliable connection to the European hinterland, based on the principles of sustainability and safety.

Our partner Bolk also has a 14,000 m2 warehouse on the T-Port Logistic Campus on the XL Park business park in Almelo. Here too, the AEO permit, the proximity of the inland terminal and the A35 / A1 motorways is an advantage and it is possible to use free floor space or racks.

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