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Terms and Conditions

The General terms and conditions of the Rotterdam Terminal Operators’ Association (the “VRTO conditions”), as filed on 2 September 2009, apply to all our activities (including loading, stowage and unloading performed by us, as well as more lengthy storage) and legal relationships, with the exception mentioned hereafter.

With regard to transport we do not contract as carrier, but as freight forwarder only. To these forwarding services, as well as to customs and tax services (such as taking care of customs documentation, formalities and advice), the Dutch Forwarding Conditions of Fenex, filed on May 1, 2018, apply, with the exception of art. 23 that is replaced by art. 8 of the VRTO conditions (arbitration clause). Applicability of conditions of the client is expressly rejected.

The VRTO conditions and the Dutch Forwarding Conditions can be consulted here:


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