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Start in 1997

The transport of sea containers between Rotterdam and Twente started in the mid-1980s. With the 'Containervaart Eurregio' initiative, among other things, until the late 1990s there were various initiatives, both by rail and by inland shipping, which all failed for mainly cost-technical reasons.

In 1997, CTT started a rail terminal in the port of Almelo, but the privatization of the Dutch Railways brought this to an end. The train connection was replaced by an inland waterway connection. In these years, the location in Almelo on the railway was not optimal for an inland terminal. A better alternative was sought. At the same time, a shipper platform was set up on the initiative of Nouryon, formerly Akzo Nobel, the Grolsche beer brewery, Hartman and some 30 other industrial companies in the region.

The Hengelo location was established through good cooperation with authorities such as the Province of Overijssel and the shipper platform.


Since the container terminal in Hengelo was commissioned the volume of activity increased significantly. It led in 2012 to a substantial expansion of the facilities in Hengelo, with automatic entrance street, an enlargement of the quay and an extension of the area of 26,000 sqm to 125,000 sqm. The expansion was opened on September 27, 2012 by His Royal Highness Willem-Alexander, at that time the Prince.

New locations

In addition to the expansion of the container terminal in Hengelo, CTT quickly opened a number of new locations that primarily serve as storage and transhipment terminals. On January 1, 2013, a new container terminal was started in Rotterdam, with a road and water connection as well as a rail connection. In 2012-2015, two more container terminals were added. CTT has started CTT Almelo in 2017, located at the XL-Park. The rail terminal in Bad Bentheim turned out to be unprofitable, so it is currently not in use by CTT. 

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