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CTT Rotterdam

CTT Rotterdam is easily accessible by road, rail and water.  The terminal is also attractively located from high-frequency deep-sea and short-sea connections.


From our terminal in Rotterdam we have several trains from many locations in Poland. Containers can be on place within 24 hours.

The terminal in Rotterdam is accessible for ISPS, sea and inland vessels up to 200m with 8m draft. 


  • 8,5 hectares of land

  • Modalities: Barge / Truck / Rail

  • BRZO license 

  • 150 meters of quay

  • International Railway Connection 

  • Dangerous goods storage, long term storage >14

  • Travel to various terminals in Rotterdam and the hinterland

  • open 24/7
    Set up / drop off containers Monday to Friday 7:00am - 10:45pm

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