Container Rental & Sales

If you need containers a short or long period for storage, shipping, transportation, or other matters CTT can provide you here. Against a current market-based rate, we offer new or used containers.

Depending on your specific needs, we are able to make the best possible offer. Standard containers can often be delivered directly from stock.

Type of Containers:

Type Extern size Intern size Volume Weight/Tara

20ft Standaard 6058mm(L) 5880mm(L)
  2438mm(B) 2345mm(B) 32m³ 2245kgs
  2591mm(H) 2385mm(H)

20ft Flat  6058mm(L) 5560mm(L)
  2438mm(B) 2170mm(B) +/-27.9m³ +/- 2740kgs
  2590mm(H) 2210mm(H)

20ft Open Top (OT) 6058mm(L) 5880mm(L)
  2438mm(B) 2240mm(B) 32.6m³ 2300kgs
  2591mm(H) 2310mm(H)

20ft High Cube (HC) 6058mm(L) 5898mm(L)
2438mm(B) 2287mm(B) 37.4m³ 2340kgs
2896mm(H) 2698mm(H)

40ft Standaard 12192mm(L) 12010mm(L)
  2438mm(B) 2345mm(B) 67.00m³ 3705kgs
2590mm(H) 2385mm(H)

40ft High Cube  12192mm(L) 12010mm(L)
2438mm(B) 2345mm(B) 76.20m³ 3900kgs
2895mm(H) 2690mm(H)

40ft Pallet Wide (PW) 12192mm(L) 12010mm(L)
  2500mm(B) 2440mm(B) 69.1m³ 3900kgs
  2590mm(H) 2385mm(H)

40ft Flat  12200mm(L) 12030mm(L)
  2440mm(B) 2240mm(B) 53.8m³ 4200kgs
  2590mm(H) 2030mm(H)

40ft Open Top 12192mm(L) 12040mm(L)
2438mm(B) 2345mm(B) 67.20m³ 3800kgs
  2590mm(H) 2385mm(H)

45ft Pallet Wide / HC 13716mm(L) 13553mm(L)
  2500mm(B) 2426mm(B) 88.7m³ 4450kgs
  2896mm(H) 2684mm(H)

* The above dimensions / values are within the standard production standards and may differ slightly according to various series.