Many toxic gas in containers

Practical experience and various studies show that an average of 20% of containers contain a high concentration of poisonous gas. Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment has recently announced on their website to intensify checks on occupational safety.

Gas-free certificate

It is recommended to identify potential hazards on gas in your cargo during transport in containers. CTT facilitates gas measurements, forced ventilations and unloading of import containers. Containers are measured according to the requirements of the Labor inspections and Customs, extended with frequent harmful gases that occur in practice.


We offer the following two procedures to analyze gases in containers:
– Measurement based on ‘Measure Tubes’ technique – This measurement technique is very labor intensive and costly due to the use of measuring tubes. However, the mobility of the system is ideal for on-site measurements.
– Measurement based on Selective Ion Flow Tube (SIFT) analysis system – With this technique, air samples taken from the containers are analyzed in the mobile laboratory at the terminal. This method is much more accurate than the chemical measuring tube technique.

Every day

A daily gas measurement expert at the terminal is  provided. This allows us to offer a quick, accurate gas analysis. For more information and rates please contact us.