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Container transport by water

The domestic transport of goods by water is becoming more attractive due to congestion of the road. In the port view of Port of Rotterdam one speaks about the better use of infrastructure and in the run-up to 2030  more cargo by rail and inland waterways, instead of truck: the so-called ‘modal shift’, Container transport by water is significantly more durable and secure, and by the lack of traffic jams also better to plan. It is no coincidence that inland shipping has taken a high flight in recent years. The success and the strong growth of CTT underline this development.

Possibilities for your container

CTT offers a range of possibilities to transport containers over water. With our four chartered barges of 110 meters we provide every day one or more departures from Rotterdam to Hengelo vice versa, with a transit time of approximately 20 to 24 hours. The ships can transport 156 TEU (twenty feet equivalent unit) in three layers. Depending on certain factors, the average processing time of a container by ship at a roundtrip Rotterdam – Hengelo – Rotterdam is about 5 days: Day A pickup Rotterdam – day C or D loading / unloading at the customer and day D to F return in Rotterdam. Transport to and from the customer happens by road. Both the ports of Amsterdam and Antwerp are also possible depending on the volume.

Waste Traject

Besides the mentioned four major charterships by CTT, we are also equipped with four smaller charter vessels that are mainly used to transport containers for waste processor Twence on a route between Hengelo and Delft. Twence produces raw materials and energy from wast flows and biomass.  CTT contributes to the avoidance of CO2 emissions by providing container transport by inland waterways. The containers are filled with waste, which after processing at Twence contribute reintroducing raw materials to the cycle and reducing the use of fossil fuels.

Even more options

Besides container by inland waterways  CTT provides opportunities for container transport by road and rail freight.

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