Container transport by road

The majority of our road transport container concerns over short distances between the inland terminals Hengelo / Bad Bentheim / Almelo and customers in the region and the German hinterland. For certain transport – for example, urgent matters – it can be attractive to transport containers directly from the Port of Rotterdam or Antwerp by truck to Twente. CTT can provide your Transport.


Containers between Hengelo and customers in the area, in addition to a number of regular charters, is carried out by our home carrier, Bolk Container Transport (BCT). For these transports are about 40 combinations deployed. The large number of vehicles means a lot of flexibility, even in rush orders.


BCT offers the convenience of trailers which are extendable to 20′-, 30 ‘, 40′- 45′- chassis. Additionally, there are various trailers with 20’-, 30 ‘, and 40’- tipping chassis; ideally suited for unloading bulk cargo. There is a special tilting chassis for container transport for 45’ containers available.

LHV’s and Eco-combis

For transporting containers Bolk Container Transport uses Long Heavy Vehicles (LHVs) or Eco-combis. A perfect way to move 50% more freight than a standard combination; an advantage that translates into less CO2 emissions, less traffic congestion and efficient transport.

Decouple possibility

In our region containers can  be decoupled with chassis after arriving on location. This gives the customer more time for loading and/or unloading. It facilitates the efficiency of the container, saving work and makes the connection to other forms of transport extra flexible.


Containers can also be supplied with a sideloader. A sideloader can put the container itself on the ground and back on the trailer again. The container can be put down at any place, without forklift and/or loading dock, both 20′- 30 ‘as 40′- 45’- and standard and high cube containers, up to 30 tons.

Even more options

Besides container road CTT provides opportunities for container transport by water and rail freight.