Modern Security

Your container deserves the best protection. CTT pays great attention to this. In the logistics sector, it is all about planning, efficiency and fast and reliable transit of goods. CTT is an important contribution to a smooth and reliable logistics process. For example we have several advanced safety equipment and -measures implemented so our security is at AEO level.

Control system

The terminals are under close supervision and monitoring, are enclosed with fences and their is regularly surveillance as security for cargo and any other crime. In order to ensure the security of each container, access to the terminals is only possible by identifaction.

For arriving and departing containers we have a strict control system, drivers must identify themselves using a special pass. This ensures a flawless and organized tour over the terminal. At the exit of the terminal, the final check takes place in order to ensure that the right person leaves with the appropriate container.

Camera surveillance and Track & Trace

For optimal security of containers, the terminal is equipped with continuous surveillance. Incoming and outgoing containers and curtain side trailers are using our Visual Gate and photographed on all sides, so striking things such as any damages, absence of seals are discovered immediately.

Thanks to the Track & Trace system it is never a doubt where your container is at that moment.