Lean and Green Star

CTT wants to move to a higher level of sustainability, by taking measures that not only yield cost savings but at the same time reduce the burden on the environment: a conscious and focused policy to save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions. Our efforts on sustainability have led in 2012 to the award of a Lean and Green Star, we were able to reduce our CO2 emissions by 20% in five years’ time. With Lean and Green CTT shows that we are actively engaged in making their logistics and mobility process more sustainable. For example we make our drivers aware of the relationship between driving behavior and fuel consumption.


The Lean and Green Star program focuses on the comparison of performance in work, using efficient technology and corporate responsibility. By obtaining the first Lean & Green Star CTT proved to systematically meet the criteria: online monitoring, at least 20% CO2 reduction compared and 1.5 years participation in Lean and Green Award as a member.

With the combination of container by inland waterways  CTT achieves their sustainability objectives and the own logistics process. We give practical meaning to the concept of ‘synchromodality’ .  CTT continues the sustainability aspirations and actual realization will be sharpen to remain ‘ahead of the pack’.